New Harry Caray Biography on Shelves this Summer
There is a new book out this summer about a former Cardinals announcer.  Mike Mitchell, formerly of Southeast Missouri  is the author of
“Holy Cow St. Louis!, Radio’s Best Days, Harry Caray’s Best Years”.  Mitchell, who has churned out a biography on Branch Rickey, says he wanted to write about another
St. Louis baseball figure who would later gain fame in a different city.  Harry Caray was a Cardinals radio broadcaster for 25 years before later achieving fame on cable TV broadcasting the Chicago Cubs.
Mitchell says his book covers it all— from Harry’s early years of growing up in St. Louis, the 1940’s when Harry began broadcasting the Cardinals games, Harry’s alleged affair with the wife of August Busch III to Caray’s “at times” abrasive personality.

At the end of Caray’s career, his personality was often lampooned by stand-up comedians especially by Wil Ferrell on “Saturday Night Live”.  It’s something Mitchell doesn’t care for.

Harry Caray died of complications following a heart attack in February 1998, just two weeks shy of his 84th birthday.
Listen to Hal Neisler’s entire interview with Harry Caray biographer Mike Mitchell below.