New Jobs Coming to Catawissa

(Catawissa) S.L.E. Technologies, a full-line sales and service company for the automotive and heavy-duty vehicle-repair industries, has announced it will expand its facility in eastern Franklin County, investing $780,000 and creating 12 new jobs.

S.L.E.’s expansion in Catawissa comes as the company also announces its acquisition of Catawissa’s Autotech Systems, a family business founded in 1991.

Autotech offers customers affordable and reliable service for diagnostics, lifts and wheel service.

Its 12,000-square-foot facility also serves as a home base for trade shows, car shows, classic auctions and car clubs in the region.

Autotech Systems’ reputation in the region will allow for expanded customer bases and new markets for both it and S.L.E.

The new jobs will pay an average wage well above the Franklin County average.