Newly Upgraded Red Bluff Campground in Crawford County Could Open in Mid-August

(Pucky Huddle) It’s expected to be a few more weeks before the newly, upgraded Red Bluff Campground in southern Crawford County opens to campers and visitors for the first time since it closed to the public a couple years ago when this project first began.

Matt Lark works inside the Mark Twain National Forest for the U.S. Forest Service, the entity that overseas this recreational area off ‘V’ Highway.

He says delays they could not control has slowed the campgrounds’ opening.

Lark says once open, Red Bluff will be a top of the line destination for campers.

If you want to reserve a camping site at Red Bluff, Lark says you still can not do that right now.

Red Bluff Campground in Pucky Huddle is named after the large, red bluffs on the opposite side of the Huzzah Creek.

The Huzzah is usually crystal clear with gravel bars running along the creek with a mixture of pools and riffles and natural vegetation which provides a beautiful, relaxing backdrop.

Courtesy U.S. Forest Service

The Red Bluff Trail also lies within the boundaries of the campground.

It’s a 1.2-mile loop trail that winds through a pine plantation and big oak timber, into an adjoining hollow before returning to the campground.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough