Our Area Has Lowest & Highest Gas Prices in Missouri

(Farmington) We take a look at gas prices in Missouri as summer is now officially here.

The average price of a gallon in the state is $3.22, up two cents from a week ago.

Gas is still much lower than it was a year ago when Missouri’s average was $4.66 a gallon. According to gasbuddy.com, the lowest and highest priced gas in the state is can be found right here in the listening area.

The lowest average gas price in the state can be found in Bismarck and Iron Mountain Lake at $2.99 a gallon.

In other area towns, it’s $3.09 a gallon in Farmington, it’s $3.11 in Steelville, $3.14 in Piedmont, $3.15 in Salem and $3.19 in Ste. Genevieve.

The highest price for a gallon of gas can be found in Viburnum at $3.49.

Gas in Festus and De Soto is on the expensive end as well.

It’s $3.36 in Festus and $3.29 a gallon in Desoto.