Perryville Police Department Modifies Response Protocols

(Perryville, Mo.) The Perryville Police Department are taking precautions due to COVID-19. The department released a statement Thursday saying they are limiting the calls they respond to with physical officers. However, they will still respond if the situation needs an officer. Corporal Jeri Cain tells us a few of the instances that would warrant an officer responding.

Corporal Cain says this is not a permanent thing and “will strive to continue to function at its same high standard of service.” She says the department is in constant contact with emergency management officials and could change their plan if the virus starts to fade.

If there is an emergency call 911, however, if it can be handled over the phone you can call the Perryville Police Department at 573-547-4546. For more information, see the release from the Perryville Police Department here.