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Pickle Springs Natural Area to Temporarily Shut Down to Public Later This Summer

(Ste. Genevieve County) Pickle Springs Natural Area in Ste. Genevieve County, located between Farmington and Hawn State Park, is getting an upgrade later this summer.

The renovation work however, will cause this unique natural area to close to the public for about five weeks.

Roger Frazier is the River Hills District Supervisor for the Missouri Department of Conservation…that’s the entity that manages this popular outdoor destination.

Frazier says Pickle Springs is so popular, the parking area is going to be expanded.

And don’t worry, Frazier says they will not close Pickle Springs to the public until after the next big holiday weekend.

Once again, Pickle Springs Natural Area in Ste. Genevieve County, located south of Highway 32, will close to the public on Monday, July 12th and officials hope to reopen on August 21st or possibly earlier.

The 256 acre park is described as a geological wonderland with scenic waterfalls and cool box canyons that harbor unusual plants and animals.

Besides the geology, this site supports over 250 vascular plant species including many uncommon ones that are considered glacial relicts.

These relict species were more common thousands of ago when Missouri’s climate was cold and wet because of glaciation.

Glacial relict species at Pickle Springs include the four-toed salamander, hay-scented fern, large whorled pogonia, ground cedar, rattlesnake plantain and shining clubmoss.

As for unusual animals at Pickle Springs, there is the pickerel frog, green frog and southern leopard frog.

In the waters, you may find a type of an amphipod crustacean which is known only to live in this natural area.

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