Primrose Baptist Church Live Nativity Will Be Open Two Nights Only

(Bonne Terre) The Primrose Baptist Church, located north of Bonne Terre, is just about ready for their Live Christmas Nativity.

It will be two nights only…Saturday, December 10th and Sunday the 11th.

Church member Debbie Williams says this is more than just one nativity scene.

Williams explains what you may see while you take the nativity journey.

And there’s going to be more than two dozen individuals portraying the historical figures at the Primrose Baptist Church Nativity.

The Live Christmas Nativity is free to attend and will last about 45 minutes.

It will also be mostly outdoors, so dress accordingly.

After your journey, you are welcome to step inside the fellowship hall for hot chocolate and cookies.

The nativity will be open from 5 until 8 on Saturday night, December 10th and Sunday night the 11th.

The Primrose Baptist Church is located at 9308 Highway ‘E’, just a few miles north of Bonne Terre.