(Park Hills) The final race of 2019 at the St. Francois County Raceway took place Saturday afternoon with a driver from Pucky Huddle claiming victory.

“Baby” Joey Britton lapped the field and took the checkered flag in a 100 lap endurance race which featured regular two-wheel drive vehicles with a few safety modifications.

We asked “Baby” Joey if he had a good time.

Joey’s dad, “Big” Joe Britton was also in the endurance race and ran well until engine problems took over.

He finished 6th.

We asked him if he’s proud of his son.

Joey Jr’s wife Autumn was happy with her husband’s first place finish.

And Joey’s mom Becky was excited too.

For taking the checkered flag, Joey Britton Jr. received a trophy and also took home a one-thousand dollar check.

And by the way, it was the first time both Britton’s had ever drove on a race track.

Also, on the final lap of the endurance race, only three cars were running.

The rest of the field had crashed or blew up their engines.