Recreational Marijuana Sales In Missouri May Begin As Early As Friday Or As Late As Monday

(Farmington) Recreational marijuana could begin being sold in most medical marijuana dispensaries as early as this Friday or as late as Monday.

It’s all up to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, that’s the state agency in charge of Missouri’s medical and now recreational cannabis programs.

Dan Freund is the owner of The Valley in Farmington.

We asked him if he’s ready for the influx of sales his dispensary will be getting soon.

Freund explains what it will be like for someone who has never been inside a marijuana dispensary before.

Dan tells us about those different cannabis products.

And if you are first-timer, just tell the budtender and they will start you out on the mild side.

The Valley in Farmington is located at 800 Valley Creek Drive, inside the old Medicap Pharmacy building.

Freund was actually the pharmacist there for many years.

Dan prefers recreational consumers, for just this Friday only, to call The Valley ahead of time to make sure the State has given the go ahead for recreational sales to begin.

However, if not, recreational marijuana in Missouri will for sure begin to be sold to adults on Monday.

Courtesy Luke Turnbough