Representative Dinkins Had Two Mine-Related Bills Pass Into Law

(Lesterville) We have told you about a new law where schools and counties will start receiving most mining royalty funds because of mining operations located on federal government lands.

Before that money was evenly distributed to all schools in the state.

State Representative Chris Dinkins of Lesterville finally got this bill passed after it failed in previous years.

Dinkins did this for Iron and Reynolds counties because that is where the Doe Run Lead Mining Company have the majority of their mines.

Unfortunately, Iron County won’t be getting those funds they deserve because Doe Run’s mines are shifting more into Reynolds County than in Iron where most of the mining had been happening when that royalty money was going all over the state.

Dinkins feels for Iron County.

Representative Dinkins did have another bill pass this year that is mine related too.

It didn’t get the news attention like her mining royalty bill did.

She tells us about this one that is also going to be beneficial to the area.

Representative Dinkins’ mining-related bills will officially become law on January 1st of 2024.