Representative McGirl Against Prescription Drug Monitoring

(Jefferson City) Missouri is the only state without a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, which is used as a tool to find individuals who have become addicted to medication.

Some with pill addiction have been “doctor shopping” for their pills for many years now and with no way for those that can help, to find out who these addicts are.

That will change soon as the Missouri legislature passed a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program on the final week of the 2021 session.

State Representative Mike McGirl of Potosi was against the bill.

He tells us why.

Representative McGirl believes it could also interfere with gun rights.

State Senator Holly Rehder of Scott City, who represents Madison, Bollinger, Perry, Wayne and two other counties, sponsored the P.D.M.P. bill.

In fact, she had been trying to get passage of this bill for several years.

She had been working on getting passage of the P.D.M.P. bill since she was first elected a state representative in 2013.