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Representative McGirl Describes How to get your Gas Tax Back

(Jefferson City) Last year, the Missouri Legislature passed a 12 and a half cent gas tax increase.

The tax is not coming all at once.

It has went up 2 and a half cents to start out and will advance incrementally to the 12 and a half cent mark a few years from now.

One stipulation put with the new gas tax law is Missouri citizens will have the opportunity to be refunded the entire portion of this new gas tax they have been paying on.

State Representative Mike McGirl of Potosi wants to make sure Missouri citizens know they can take advantage of this refund each and every year.

Representative McGirl has more helpful tips to help you get your gas tax refund back.

After July 1st, you can go to to find the proper form you need to fill out.

Missouri gas taxes will go up another 2 and a half cents, also starting July 1st.

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