Reynolds County vs State Tax Commission

(Reynolds County) The Reynolds County assessors office and the Missouri state tax commission are at loggerheads over the value of property in the county. The Reynolds County Assessors Office has until Thursday (June 15) to raise assessments in the county to fair market value or risk losing money from the state. The state tax commission informed assessor Rick Parker of the potential penalty with a letter. The STC requires counties to be within 90 to 110% of fair market value on their assessments. The Chief Council for the state tax commission, Amy Westerman informed us that Reynolds County has a ratio of 68.3%. The commission states that they have made repeated attempts to work with Parker on the 2021 through 2023 Reynolds County Assessment Roll, but that he has refused to make adjustments. The letter states that counties that are out of compliance can have cost share assessment reimbursement money withheld until progress is made. We have reached out to Parker. He told us he will happy to make a statement, but wants to wait to see which bills the governor signs first. The governor may or may not sign certain bills before the June 15th deadline for Reynolds County. We’ll have an update on this story either after the deadline passes or when Parker shares his thoughts with us.