Rockford Beach in House Springs CLOSED for the weekend

(House Springs) Rockford Beach Park and its Big River access is closed for the weekend. The closure was due to the large crowds that have been visiting the region and making it difficult for first responders to get into the park when needed. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Grant Bissell says there have been many problems over the last several weeks.

A 41-year-old St. Louis man drowned at Rockford Beach on Sunday (7/2), and his body was recovered on Monday (7/3). Bissell says visitors were parking all over the surrounding area, which was making things dangerous.

Bissell says area first responders as well as members of the Jefferson County Parks Department are looking at future options.

Rockford Beach Park and the Big River access will reopen to the public on Monday. However, things could change in the coming days or weeks if problems at the park continue.