Salem Man Freed from Prison after 11 Years for Dent County Murder

(Salem) A man from Salem in Dent County, spent his Fourth of July free from jail for the first time in 11 years.

The Missouri Supreme Court convicted Donald “Doc” Nash of murder in 2009 and on July 3rd 2020 they vacated that ruling.

“I am an innocent man they sent away, and I am just as innocent today,” Nash said.

The high court vacated the ruling due to Nash’s lawyers claiming his innocence with habeas corpus petitions.

These petitions challenged the forensics used in the 2009 trial and cited new DNA evidence that creates reasonable doubt.

Retired Circuit Judge Richard Zarr’s report concluded Nash was denied due process because of the use of inadmissable testimony, mis-characterization of evidence and Nash not having competent council.

Although he walked free from jail Nash is still on house arrest, the State has 30 days to decide if they wish re-try him.