Service Veterans would like Your Support for Bill

(Centerville) A bill to help U.S. service veterans who have been poisoned through military operations throughout the years, has passed one hurdle in Congress in order to become a law.

Veteran Randy Tollivar is the post quartermaster/adjutant for Reynolds County V.F.W. Post 6660 in Centerville.

He says this issue has been happening to military veterans at least since World War II.

He says the Vietnam War then brought the poison of Agent Orange which was a defoliant that was sprayed throughout the jungles of Vietnam.

Many veterans still suffer from the effects of Agent Orange today.

Tollivar asks citizens to show their support for a bill making it’s way through Congress.

Tollivar hopes this bill is approved for all veterans who have been poisoned from the various U.S. military conflicts throughout the years.

If the legislation passes, these veterans could receive some form of restitution.

The bill now needs to pass through the U.S. Senate.

If you can’t find that Facebook page that Tollivar mentions, you can also call U.S. Senators Blunt and Hawley’s offices to show your support for this bill.