Setback for Ste. Gen Sand Mine

(Ste Genevieve County) After the Missouri Administration Hearing Commission issued a recommendation to the Missouri Mining Commission the word came down on Thursday to revoke a mining permit previously issued to Nexgen Silica. The original permit was granted in June by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. A group of landowners next to the proposed mine formed a group called Operation Sand and appealed the permit. The Mining Commission determined that the original application did not include all persons with a property interest in the 249 acre mine area in rural Ste. Genevieve County near Hahn State Park. The commission also determined that Nexgen never secured a right to mine, only a right to consider it. Nexgen has also never acquired a water or air permit. The commission voted 4-1 to revoke the permit. Regional Radio has been in communication with Nexgen, but the company has refused an interview request, only issuing a statement that says “We are disappointed in the Missouri Mining Commission’s decision in this case. However, the development of our overall plan is a long process, and we are confident that we will acquire our required permits to move forward with our original plan.” Nexgen also must overcome an ordinance passed by the Ste. Genevieve County Commission that puts restrictions on how close Nexgen can operate to homes and water. Nexgen is currently challenging that ordinance in court.