Sheriff Marshak on Jefferson County jail and courthouse issues

(Hillsboro) If there is one thing the public learned from last week’s municipal election, is voters are not keen on voting in favor of new or increased taxes. All issues involving a tax increase were voted down with the exception of the “Use Tax” in Crystal City, while all other municipalities saw their issue fail. Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak says if the county wants a new courthouse and jail, which is sorely needed, it will have to come from a tax increase. He believes if you educate the voters the right way, you can likely make it happen.

The tax issues for the Dunklin and Hillsboro fire protection districts were voted down, as well as school district propositions for both DeSoto and Hillsboro. County voters overwhelmingly turned down the sales tax increase for the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department. There are no official plans to place a tax issue on an upcoming ballot for funding for a new county courthouse and jail.