Sheriff Marshak on Senate Bill associated with law enforcement

(Hillsboro) Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak continues to monitor possible legislation involving law enforcement. One bill that has many things attached to it is Senate Bill 38 sponsored by Senator Brian Williams of St. Louis. Sheriff Marshak serves on the Missouri POST Commission on Law Enforcement, and that group recommended that additional training hours be required for those attending police academies. Sheriff Marshak says another attachment is to require new police chiefs to take additional training.

Under current law, the POST Commission sets a minimum number of basic training hours for licensure for peace officers no lower than 470 hours and no higher than 600 with certain exceptions as provided in law. This act changes this requirement to be no lower than 600 hours.

This act also states that the POST Commission shall establish a training course for police chiefs that shall be a minimum of 40 hours. All police chiefs appointed after August 28, 2023, shall complete the course within six months of appointment as police chief, unless exempt as provided in the act. Senate Bill 38 was on the Bills for Perfection Informal Calendar on Wednesday.