Sheriff’s office investigating burglary cases in Jefferson County

(Jefferson County) Investigators with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office are working to find those responsible for stealing wiring from a home that was under construction in the 600 block of Fox Creek in the Fenton area.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Grant Bissell says the incident happened sometime between the evening of February 7th and the morning of February 8th.

Increased patrols have been implemented through the area and the investigation into the theft continues.

In a separate incident, deputies were alerted off a stolen furnace in the 60 block of Mockingbird Hill in House Springs.

Later that day the manager noticed two individuals who were moving a furnace which appeared to be the one that was stolen.

They reported it to deputies and the furnace was recovered and returned back to park management.

Detectives have identified two people of interest in the case.

Their names have not been released pending formal charges.