Six Main Bar in Festus delayed but hopeful to open in the fall

(Festus) Six Main Bar in Festus, which is an extension of Main & Mill Brewing Company continues to work on the building. The venue will host a tap and tasting room for Main & Mill beers on one end, and a cocktail, whiskey, and wine bar on the other end. In between the two bars will be an independent restaurant that will be rented out. Owner Denny Foster says the plans to open have been delayed due to having to install a sprinkler system.

Foster says the structure needed some work on the flooring.

The backside of the structure is the Barrellworks facility is located where the Main & Mill beers are canned for distribution. The hope is to have the bars and perhaps the restaurant to be open by the time the Main & Mill Streetfest takes place in October. Six Main Bar on Festus Main Street will be located across from Festus Music World.

Main & Mill just recently announced Mission Taco in St. Louis will be using their “green chile ale” as an ingredient for some of the cocktails moving forward.