Smooth Start to School Year at Viburnum Elementary

(Viburnum) Classes are now underway for the new school year at the Iron County C-4 School District in Viburnum.

Elementary Principal Michelle Merseal is happy to see all the students again.

And Principal Merseal loves seeing the youngest of students during that first day.

Merseal says the Super Kids Reading Program will continue this school year at Viburnum Elementary.

That program began mid-year last year and Merseal says it is already paying off with a big increase of reading in kindergarten and first grade students.

Also, new this year at Viburnum Elementary is a new reading vending machine that is full of books.

A student is awarded a token that is placed in the vending machine and it spits out a free book.

Merseal says in the first two days of school, they have already given several students book vending machine tokens as a way to celebrate their birthdays.