Southeast Missouri Sees More Improvement with Drought

(Farmington) Drought conditions have improved during the past week in southeast Missouri and for the state as a whole thanks to the abundance of rain we received recently.

Extreme drought conditions have been erased from southeast Missouri.

We do have severe drought conditions for most of Madison County, the southwestern corner of St. Francois County and the southeastern corner of Washington County.

The rest of the area sees moderate drought conditions with some pockets of abnormally dry conditions.

Northern Crawford and northern Washington counties are abnormally dry along with the northern sliver of Jefferson, all of Perry County and the northern portion of Bollinger County.

With extreme heat in the forecast through at least next Wednesday and just three days showing a 20-percent chance for precipitation, you can expect the drought to pick back up in intensity a week from now.

As for all parts of Missouri, exceptional drought conditions are out of the picture for now.

However, from southwest Missouri up to the middle of the state and some parts north of the Missouri River, extreme drought conditions are being experienced.

There are only eight counties in the state that are having no drought issues this week.

That includes five counties in south-central Missouri, two Bootheel counties along with the eastern side of St. Louis County along with the City of St. Louis.