St. Pius Softball Coach Kevin Halley Says No Advantage in Rule Change

(FESTUS)     St. Pius X High School Girls Head Softball Coach Kevin Halley doesn’t think a new pitching rule announced last week will create an an unfair advantage for the pitcher. The National Federation of High School Association announced last week that beginning next year, pitchers in high school softball will be allowed to disengage both feet from the playing surface if the pivot foot is not replanted prior to the delivery of the pitch. Previously, the pivot foot was required to remain in contact with the ground.

Halley says he doesn’t see a real advantage.

Halley believes the rule change will help the umpires.

According to Sandy Searcy, NFHS director of sports and liaison to the rules committee, “the committee did address the topic of whether the rule change will give the pitcher an unfair advantage before the group made its recommendation for approval.”