(PERRYVILLE) In front of a packed house on Friday night, St. Vincent took down their crosstown rival Perryville in a 12-7 final.

Both teams held strong on defense through a quarter of play until Perryville finally broke down the door to the endzone early in the second.

After a successful PAT, the Pirates managed to go in front by a score of 7-0. Perryville did miss a short field goal to end the first half, but still held on to a seven point advantage over St. Vincent entering the locker room.

It was a trying first half for the Indians, but they began to put the pressure on the Pirates with a third quarter touchdown.

The extra point would be no good, but St. Vincent had made their mark. The momentum would stay with the Indians into the 4th quarter, as a touchdown with five minutes remaining gave them their first lead of the game. The tally would remain 12-7 after a missed two-point conversion.

With under 20 seconds left to play in the game, the Pirates would have one final chance to score but would fall victim to an interception on a pass from their own territory.

That pick would seal the win for the St. Vincent Indians, who edged the Perryville Pirates 12-7.

The result was a feeling of pure joy for St. Vincent head coach Tim Schumer.

After the game, head coach Blane Bloss of Perryville was not pleased with the performance from his offense.

After a 12-7 victory for St. Vincent, the Indians are now 2-3, while the Perryville Pirates dropped to 3-2.