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St. Vincent stuns St. Paul late with fourth-quarter comeback

A back-and-forth game eventually saw the St. Vincent Indians edge out the St. Paul Giants 45-44 Tuesday evening in Perryville.

St. Vincent jumped out to an 11-point lead in the first half, but freshman point guard Brylee Durbin exploded in the second quarter with 10 points and a highlight-reel play.

The Giants kept the momentum rolling in the second half, eventually taking a 38-31 lead in the fourth quarter.
ut the Indians had a rally of their own at just the right time. A 14-6 run to end the game was capped by a winning play from junior forward Megan Lipe.

St. Paul would turn it over on the game’s final play as the Giants fell to 10-8.
St. Vincent head coach Gary Poyner said his team rallied because they stayed calm and kept chipping away.

The Indians have won 3 straight and improve to 8-8.
St. Vincent is back in action Wednesday against Crystal City. The Giants will also get Crystal City in their next game Monday.

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