State Representative Left in Dark on State Plan to Relocate All Sexual Predators in Missouri to Farmington

(Farmington) Regional Radio News received a tip on Wednesday that State mental health officials paid a visit that day to the Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center.

We were told that within 3 to 5 years, mental health patients that were not sexual predators would be moved to another location in the state to be treated and all other sexual predators in the state would then be moved to the mental health center in Farmington.

We called State Representative Dale Wright of Farmington to see if this was true or not.

Representative Wright hopes to change these plans.

And Representative Wright is not happy about how the state mental health officials came to the town he represents with this big announcement, leaving him in the dark about it, after he thought he was gaining traction to expand mental health help in southeast Missouri.

Representative Wright will meet with these officials in Farmington next week to hopefully get them on board with the idea of using the old hospital in Farmington as another place the State could use to treat patients with mental health issues.

And as far as moving all of the state’s sexual predators under one roof to the Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center, that doesn’t sit well with individuals in the area we have spoken to.

They are worried about those predators, possibly escaping the health center which is very close to residential areas, along with Farmington High School just a few blocks away.