(Potosi) The coronavirus pandemic is a frightening situation as a limited number of tests have being given so far to American residents, which has resulted in six confirmed cases in Missouri as of today.

Under 200 tests have been given in the Show-Me State.

State Representative Mike McGirl says the only thing you can do is follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

McGirl says the Missouri legislature is asking residents to avoid the state capitol in Jefferson City if possible, at least for a while.

The lawmaker from Potosi says he is aware of the doctor from Washington County Memorial Hospital who is now home on quarantine after being in contact with an individual who did test possible for the virus while that doctor was in Ohio.

As of right now, that doctor is the only person from Washington County Memorial Hospital in Potosi who is on quarantine.

Hospital officials say everyone else is at a minimal risk who was at the Potosi hospital last week before that doctor was informed the Ohio patient had tested positive for the coronavirus.