(Park Hills) There’s drama in Park Hills city government as the City has filed a temporary restraining order against their former long-time public works director who was fired last week during a special meeting of the council.

Reports say the restraining order against Donnie Akers claims on October 5th and other dates, that multiple witnesses, including Police Chief Richard McFarland, heard Akers say quote “that if he got fired, he was going to whip Mayor Daniel Naucke’s ass”.

This stems from a verbal incident between the mayor and Akers’ wife during the Cruising for a Cause event on October 5th.

The argument dealt with cars doing burnouts on city streets.

Akers alleged that Mayor Naucke put his hands on his wife.

A court hearing is scheduled for October 30th to determine if the restraining order should continue.

The City of Park Hills is asking that Akers is prohibited from having contact with city officials and from coming onto city property, including city hall.