Two Sexual Offenders Arrested This Week Loitering Around St. Francois County Public Parks

(Farmington) It happened twice this week in St. Francois County.

A sexual offender has been picked up by police hanging around a public park. According to the arrest report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol on the latest incident, 59-year-old Edgar P. Carpenter was arrested and charged Thursday with the felony of being a convicted sexual offender loitering within 500 feet of a public park.

In both instances this week, the highway patrol did not indicate which park or parks in the county these two arrests were made.

Carpenter was taken to the county jail in Farmington and later released.

In September 2010, Carpenter received five years probation after making an Alford plea to the felony of aggravated stalking.

About a year, later Carpenter violated his parole and was given a 4-year prison sentence.

In the first incident on Monday, 41-year-old William J. Woolf III of Desloge was arrested for also being a convicted sex offender loitering in or around a public park.