Valley of Caledonia School Officials Against Open Enrollment Bill

(Caledonia) We have not found one area school superintendent or board of education that is for the open enrollment bill moving through the state legislature this year.

Jason Samples is the superintendent of the Valley School District, located in Caledonia.

Samples says most people in the Valley School District likes the size of the district now.

Samples says he and the school board have other issues with the Open Enrollment Bill.

Samples also brought up the point from another direction.

He wonders if enrollment, instead of having a decrease, the district actually had a big increase in students at Valley, the campus could quickly become overcrowded.

He wonders then about district expansion and how that would come about.

The Missouri House of Representatives don’t seem too concerned that most school leaders across the state are against the Open Enrollment Bill.

Just before the House adjourned for Spring Break, they passed the measure.

It now has to be debated and passed out of the Missouri Senate and then the governor has to sign off on it in order for it to become law.