(Hillsboro) A few public venues have had to close down temporarily or drastically cut back services recently, due to the spreading of Covid-19. Jefferson County Health Department Director Kelly Vollmar says she is strongly encouraging residents to wear a mask while out in the public.

The Health Department is considering making it a mandate to wear a mask in public, just as St. Louis City and County have done. However, it’s very difficult to enforce the mandate due to the lack of available personnel.

Over the past week, there were positive cases of Covid-19 with either employees or customers at Sybergs in Arnold, Frankie Gianino’s as well as Detours Bar and Grill both in Imperial, and Andy’s Produce in House Springs. Anyone who has visited these businesses in the last week or more should get tested.

The Jefferson County Health Department Board will be meeting soon to discuss options and ideas including the possibility of mandating mask-wearing in Jefferson County. The date and time of the meeting have not been finalized.