Where Were the Crystal City Fairgrounds?
(CRYSTAL CITY)    Did you know before homes were built just south and a few blocks west of Crystal City Elementary School, that area over one hundred years ago was the site of the Crystal City Fairgrounds?  The fairgrounds was the local venue for horse racing, concerts, baseball games and other activities.  The Crystal City Fairgrounds was the recent topic of discussion during the Crystal Historical Society program on KJFF 1400AM.  Society member Jack Ginnever explains the exact location of the fairgrounds.

Ginnever says the main thoroughfare to the fairgrounds was Mississippi Avenue.

Clayton Loughary has done extensive research on the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company and he believes the plant’s expansion and growth of the town led to the demise of the fairgrounds sometime after 1915.

The Crystal City Historical Society program can be heard the second Thursday of each month at 10:20am on KJFF 1400AM.
Listen to the entire interview below.