(IMPERIAL) Despite her freshman track and field season at Missouri State getting cut short due to a calf and hip strain, Windsor graduate Taylor Richey has been keeping busy this summer prepping for a hopefully healthy sophomore campaign.

Even though Taylor was knicked up even back in December, she got the chance to run the 60-meter and 200-meter dashes in the Mizzou Holiday Indoor Classic, her first-ever college event.

Taylor wound up with a time of 7.97 seconds in the 60 and a time of 26.59 seconds in the 200.

When Richey began her freshman season, there wasn’t a head coach. Instead, there was just an interim coach as Jordan Fife owned that title. So the Missouri State Bears brought in a three-time Olympic gold medalist to help out as an assistant and that was the highlight of the season for Taylor.

Academically at Missouri State, Taylor is studying to be a nurse and right now is in the pre-nursing stage of her degree.

While at Windsor, Taylor Richey was All-State twice in the 100’s and once in the 200’s. She will begin her sophomore track and field campaign at Missouri State in December.

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