There Is An H.I.V. Epidemic In Southeast Missouri

(Park Hills) Cases of H.I.V. continues to go up in southeast Missouri. So much so that health officials are calling it an epidemic.

We spoke to Leslie Sampson, the H.I.V. case manager with the St. Francois County Health Department in Park Hills.

She says the H.I.V. issue includes more than St. Francois County.

We asked Sampson how many people are out there locally with H.I.V.?

Sampson tells us why she believes H.I.V. cases are ramping up with young people.

If H.I.V. is not treated, it could eventually turn into full-blown AIDS which is the late stage of an H.I.V. infection.

That occurs when the body’s immune system is badly damaged because of the virus.

Sampson says if your medical provider does not offer you an H.I.V. test, they do have free tests available at the St. Francois County Health Department.

Tuesday is National H.I.V. Testing Day.