Backbone Home Furniture Gifts And Homegoods Reopens In DeSoto On Friday

(DESOTO) After closing its doors and moving from Festus to DeSoto, Backbone Home Furniture, Gifts, and Homegoods is ready to reopen tomorrow (Friday). Backbone was located in Festus at two locations at 411 and 420 West Main Street but moved after problems with one of the buildings developed roof leaks. They also had a warehouse location in another area in Festus. Co-owner Corin Roth says their new location is along Old Highway 21 in DeSoto.

Backbone had around 11-thousand square feet of space at their three separate buildings, and now everything will be under one roof. Roth says this structure has lots of extra space for their needs.

Backbone Home Furniture, Gifts, and Homegoods will reopen tomorrow (Friday) with the hours of 11 until 6, and open tomorrow (Saturday) from 11 until 4. Their new address is 20 Jefferson Square in DeSoto.