Belleview School District Rebounding after Flu Outbreak

(Belleview) Even though the coronavirus is getting all the headlines, the old fashioned flu is still alive and well.

Belleview school Superintendent Judd Marquis says his district is just now beginning to get healthy after a flu outbreak.

Marquis asks parents to keep a watch on their children’s health as the flu virus could continue until late spring and there’s also the possibility of that new virus too.

Right now at the K through 8 school in Belleview, N.W.E. Testing is underway which prepares students for MAP testing which will be coming up in the middle of April.

8th grade graduation at Belleview will be April 28th with 19 students expected to receive diplomas.

Those students will then move on to high school and most Belleview graduates will then attend either Arcadia Valley or the Valley School District in Caledonia.