Cooper Dunn Signs To Wrestle At MoBap

(Bonne Terre) North County senior Cooper Dunn will continue his wrestling career at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis. Dunn says it’s been a long road to get to this moment, but he knew MoBap was the place for him right away.

Dunn says he’s been wrestling for six years now.

It wasn’t always a glorious road, though. A serious injury derailed Dunn’s athletic career for an extended period of time. But that didn’t stop him from chasing his dream.

Dunn plans to wrestle at 165 pounds at MoBap, but he’s staggered his weight throughout high school. He bumped up a weight class this past year to see some better competition.

Dunn tells us about his academic plans.

Dunn wanted to thank some other folks for playing an instrumental role in his life.

Dunn competed at 175 pounds in the Class Three state tournament this past season.

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