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Farmington High School BKTV Studios Live Show Tomorrow

(Farmington) Farmington High School is one the leaders in the Parkland when it comes to media opportunities for students. Tomorrow morning at 11 they are going to air their first ever live show on their YouTube Channel BKTV Studios. One of the students producing the show is Carter Klusmeyer. He says there are quite a few students involved in the whole production.

Ray Morrow is another producer for the live show tomorrow. He tells what he and Carter will be doing as producers.

Mindy Southern is the communications director at Farmington High School and she tells us a little about BKTV Studios on YouTube.

BKTV Studios will air their first ever live show tomorrow morning at 11 on BKTV Studios on YouTube. They also broadcast every home sporting event including the soccer game tonight and football game on Friday on their YouTube channel.

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