Former Iranian Hostage Rocky Sickmann to Speak at Sold Out Jefferson College Event
(FESTUS)    Next month will mark the 44th anniversary of the beginning of Iranian Hostage Crisis.  Sixty-six people including state department workers, CIA employees and U.S. soldiers  were taken captive by supporters of the Iranian Revolution at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.   One of those former hostages, Rocky Sickmann, will speak Friday October 20th to a sellout audience at the Jefferson College Speaker Series.
Thirteen hostages were released a few weeks after the crisis began and another hostage was released in July 1980.  The remaining 52 hostages were released on inauguration day 1981 shortly after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President.
Sickmann, who grew up in the Franklin County town of Krakow, was a Marine Embassy Guard and endured the 444 days of captivity.  After a retiring from long career at Anheuser Busch in 2016, Sickmann went to work for “Folds of Honor” an organization that provides scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled military.
On the recent “Jefferson College Report”  heard on KJFF 1400AM,  Sickmann said Iranian terrorists are much to blame for the current fighting in the middle east.  Sickmann says Iranian terrorists have never been held accountable for what occurred 44 years ago.

According to Sickmann, it is terrible to see what is happening in Israel.

Sickmann says he is looking forward to being at Jefferson College and was humbled to hear tickets for the event have been sold out for several weeks.
John Winkelman and Hal Neisler interviewed  Rocky Sickmann on KJFF.  Listen to entire interview below.