Help North County Primary School Meet Fundraising Goal to Bring “All Kids Bike” Program to School

By this time next school year, kindergartners at North County Primary School in Bonne Terre may be riding bicycles in their P.E. classes. Erica Nettles is the primary school P.E. teacher. She began her schools’ fundraising effort after she learned about a national program called “All Kids Bike”.

Nettles explains where you need to go if you would like to donate to the cause.

And Nettles can’t wait to begin teaching the youngsters how to ride.

North County Primary will also get fully adjustable helmets for the children’s safety. “All Kids Bike” mission is to teach every child in America how to ride a bike. Launched in 2018, there are already 565 schools in all 50 states that are a part of the “All Kids Bike” kindergarten P.E. program.