(HERCULANEUM) Dream Team athletes Nautica Stricklin, Loki Cortner, and Jonathan Coffman have been the three names most associated recently with the Herculaneum cross country and track and field teams.

Since Cortner has graduated, it’s now Stricklin and Coffman that are left to lead a group of upperclassmen and underclassmen in track this season. Coach Dave Cook certainly believes that they are ready to do just that.

Coach Cook believes that the throwing team on the girls side should be pretty good.

For girls on the track, Cook expects Caitlyn Huber in the 300-meter hurdles to do well. Then in distance, of course, Nautica Stricklin along with Chloe Richardson and Lauara Maddox.

As for the throws group on the boys side, coach Cook has a couple of sophomore prospects that could challenge for a spot at state.

The Herculaneum boys and girls track and field seasons will begin Saturday morning at 8:30 at the Festus McCullough-Douglas Invitational.