Jealous Potosi Woman Charged with Setting Fire to Half-Brothers Home

(Potosi) First degree arson and second degree trespassing charges have been filed in Washington County court against a Potosi woman accused setting a house on fire last week.

According to the Potosi Police Department, 40-year-old Brienne Price allegedly set fire last Friday morning to her half-brothers’ home on Oak Street in Potosi by throwing a gas can, which was on fire, through a basement window.

Price is also accused of lighting another gas can on fire and set it under the carport of her half-brother’s home.

The police report claims Price became jealous after her half-brother had moved in a new girlfriend.

Before the fire incident, Price on August 23rd, allegedly attacked the half-brother’s girlfriend with a baseball bat after she was brought home to meet the family.

Price also went to Facebook, posting messages to another woman, making insinuations about using gasoline in a jug, wearing a black outfit so no one could see her, and she also discussed her displeasure of her half-brother and his girlfriend on the social media site.

Price was arraigned at the courthouse in Potosi on Monday and will have a bond reduction hearing this coming Tuesday.

Her bond was set at 50-thousand dollars.