Kimmswick Mayor speaks out on city financial problems

(Kimmswick) If there is one city in Jefferson County that relies on tourism more than any other in the area….it’s Kimmswick. The rivertown is known for its throwback to yesteryear, quaint shops, eateries, and more. However, the Covid-19 pandemic along with bad luck with the weather has placed them in financial dire straights. Mayor Phil Stang says so much of the city revenue comes from sales.

Both of those festivals were canceled this year, due to the pandemic. The city was already in a tough financial place when 2020 began…..after canceling the Strawberry Festival in 2019 due to flooding, and the 2019 Apple Butter Festival was not as well attended due to heavy rains that weekend. Flood fighting in 2019 consumed over $150,000.00 of non-reimbursable funds, totally depleting city reserves. Stang says if they can’t get some help with funding and donations, many city services will be cut.

Stang says there is really nothing at the state or federal level that can help.

Stang says there have been a good number of visitors to the city after things opened back up in April, and others have donated.

Kimmswick is in need of around two-hundred-thousand dollars by the end of the year. Again for those that want to donate can visit City Of Kimmswick dot org.