(Farmington) 15 of the country’s most brightest students will have the most important quiz of their lives in April.

It’s the 2020 Jeopardy College Championships and the tournament will feature a Perryville native.

Londyn Lorenz is a sophomore at the University of Mississippi.

We asked the young woman from Perry County about her thoughts when she found out she was selected to be on the popular T.V. show that tests your knowledge in just about every category imaginable.

Lorenz says Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, is very nice.

We asked Londyn if she watched the primetime Jeopardy special earlier this year featuring the three all-time best contestants.

Londyn Lorenz graduated high school from Saxony Lutheran.

The Jeopardy College Championships will be televised April 6th through the 17th.

Londyn’s first appearance will be April 8th.

Most people in the area can watch Jeopardy on KSDK channel 5 starting at 4:30 every Monday through Friday.