(Festus/Crystal City) In light of COVID-19 numbers continuing to drop in Jefferson County and the county’s stay at home order officially being lifted, Mercy Hospital Jefferson is beginning to reduce some of its restrictions it had in place during the pandemic.

John Winkelman is the Community Relations Manager at the hospital. He says they will slowly be scheduling elective surgeries that were initially postponed due to the virus.

Winkelman adds hospital officials will continue to monitor Coronavirus cases in the community.

There are certain restrictions that will remain in place for the meantime.

Starting on Monday Mercy Jefferson will be reopening the Clinic entrance to the hospital Monday through Friday from 7am until 5pm.

The entrance was previously closed because of COVID-19.

The Therapy services entrance will now be open from 6:30am until 5pm Monday through Friday and the hospital’s main lobby entrance remains open daily from 6am until 6pm.