Missouri Department of Conservation Helping with Removal of Dangerous Pear Trees

The Missouri Invasive Plant Council, with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, Forrest Keeling Nursery and the Missouri Department of Conservation, are partnering up to host a Callery pear buyback program. The program addresses ecological concerns about the pear trees and where they are growing. Jennifer Behnken is a Community Forester for the Missouri Department of Conservation. She talks more about how the program came to be.

The Callery pear tree, also known as a Bradford pear tree, can be easily identified, but professionals will be needed to cut it. Behnken talks about some of the trees you can choose from to replace the Callery pear tree.

Homeowners that cut down Callery pear trees can register for a free native tree starting now through April 15. The pickup date for the free native tree is scheduled for April 23rd at Hager Lake.