Missouri Wines Mentioned in Saturday Night Live Skit

(Farmington) A sketch during last weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” included a mention of Missouri wine.

The skit depicted an advertisement for a fictional grocery store highlighting products still in stock after panic-buying in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, purportedly for lack of demand.

However, Missouri Wine and Grape Board Marketing Director Annette Alden says despite the slight, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Alden says individual wineries are taking the poke of fun from Saturday Night Live in stride.

And even during this coronavirus pandemic, you can still purchase your favorite Missouri wines.

The Missouri Wines website missouriwine.org has listings of over 100 wineries in the state, including a search tool and pairing options.

Missouri’s wineries produce on average about a million gallons a year.

There are several award-winning wineries right here in southeast Missouri.

There is a winery in Dent County while Crawford, Madison, Perry and Washington counties have two, St. Francois has three, Jefferson County has five wineries and Ste. Genevieve County has six wineries.