Out of Towners Observe Eclipse at KJFF
(FESTUS)    A few out-of-towners who set out for a more southern destination say heavy traffic prevented them from getting to Cape Girardeau or Sikeston for the eclipse so they pulled off southbound I-55 and decided to take in the solar show in Festus.  Donna Zoeller (Zeller) of St. Louis and Jennifer Delgado of Washington D.C. parked their car at KJFF and observed the eclipse from the hillside next to the radio station.  Zoeller says she witnessed the total eclipse in Festus in 2017 and didn’t want to miss it.

Delgado who is originally from Ballwin, just happens to be a meteorologist.

In the Jefferson County area, the shadow of the eclipse peaked at about 2pm.  This will be the last time the path of totality is visible anywhere in the United States until 2044.