Update On Michael Politte Case

(Washington County) There’s been a new development concerning the case of Michael Politte.

Politte was 14 years old when he was charged with killing his mother, who’s burned body was found in their mobile home in Washington County.

He was found guilty more than three years later in St. Francois County and was sentenced to life in prison.

However last year, the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney moved to vacate or set aside his conviction.

Politte was released from prison but his guilty verdict still stands.

Missouri’s attorney general has been granted a writ prohibiting the circuit court from hearing that motion.

The supreme court has ruled that the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney is not the prosecuting attorney in St. Francois County where the conviction took place and therefore, has no jurisdiction to do so.

Apparently, that request has to come from the prosecuting attorney where the conviction took place.